Guided Practices

These links represent a small percentage of the increasing number of guided practices offered freely by generous teachers and organizations throughout the web. If you would like some guidance on where to begin, feel free to contact us directly. Should you find these practices of value, we encourage you to support those folks directly in a way that is appropriate for you.


Settling with the Breath - Andrea Fella - 20 Minutes

Mindfulness of Breathing, with Counting (with lecture on pain in meditation at the end) - Alan Wallace - 24 Minutes

Basic Concentration: Sound and Breath - Sharon Salzberg - 20 Minutes

Affectionate Breathing - Kristen Neff - 20 Minutes

Expanding and Contracting with the Breath - Shinzen young - 40 Minutes

Brief Breathing Meditation - UCLA - 5 Minutes

Breath, Sound, and Body - UCLA - 19 Minutes

Body Scan

Meditation on Body Sensations - Sharon Salzberg

Compassionate Body Scan - Kristen Neff - 24 Minutes


Global Relaxation - Shinzen Young - 40 Minutes

Body Scan for Sleep - UCLA - 13 Minutes

Metta/Loving-Kindness & Self-Compassion Practices

Basic Loving Kindness Meditation - UCLA - 9 Minutes

Loving Kindness Meditation - Kristen Neff - 20 Minutes

Loving Kindness & Self-Compassion - Kristen Neff - 20 Minutes

Further Reading & Surfing


DIY Dharma - A large collection of guided practices, Dharma talks, lectures and interviews. 

Audio Dharma - An archive of Dharma talks by Gil Fronsdal, Andrea Fella, and guest speakers at the Insight Meditation Center.

Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha - Daniel Ingram - A well-organized and refreshingly direct discussion of the fundamentals of Buddhist theory and practice.

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