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Update Your Wetware

magine a scenario in which every computer on the planet was inexorably and indefinitely forced to run on Windows 97.

Once you've gotten over that brain cramp, realize that the operating system in your own brain is literally over 60 million years old. The physiology of your nervous system is therefore optimized to an environment that is almost entirely unrelated to the one you live in.

Furthermore, the most fundamental values inherent in your nervous system, namely survival and procreation, are likewise almost entirely unrelated to your actual life. If you are reading this, you are probably not worried about survival. In the case of procreation, simply producing babies is a very different task than being a part of a functioning sexual partnership and family life.

And yet, these two drives, survival and reproduction, inform your body’s operational processes at every level, including your psychological experience. Understanding this, and discovering ways to update your system, is the linchpin of sustainable well-being.

There is probably no one doing more right now to translate these understandings from neuropsychology into actionable intelligence for the everyman and everywoman than Dr. Rick Hanson. Check out his recent post on updating your threat & reward responses. Update your wetware!

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