Family Counseling

and Parent Coaching

"There's actually nothing more difficult in life than another person."

 - Dr. Stan Tatkin

This is an intriguing quote, and it begs the question: What about a whole family of people?


Living together is difficult, relationships are complex, and we all find ourselves struggling at times.

If you feel like your family is stuck repeating old patterns, or if relationships are feeling strained and there's no clear path forward, we can help.

I take a thoughtful, compassionate approach to understanding your family's unique dynamics. We then collaborate with you to find a strategy that works. My approach can help your family:


  • Resolve persistent conflict

  • Re-build warmth and trust 

  • Nurture effective, compassionate communication

  • Manage turbulent transitions with grace 

  • Establish norms and boundaries that meet everyone's needs​

Parent Coaching


Sometimes the most effective way to support a teenager is to support the parent. There is no training manual for parenthood, and the on-the-job training can get pretty rough. I help parents:


  • Understand the roots of their parenting challenges with compassion and clarity

  • Identify, establish, and maintain healthy behavioral boundaries for their kids

  • Establish healthy communication with their teens

  • Enjoy being a parent!


I have supported hundreds of clients in a variety of contexts. I would love to help you as well.  I am eager to hear from you, to learn your story, and to support you in your journey.