Psychotherapy for Adults

I draw from evolutionary neuroscience, Buddhist psychology, developmental psychology and attachment theory to assist clients facing challenges that include:

I approach psychotherapy on several levels: 

  • Therapeutic Relationship - Above all, providing an environment that is a safe, accepting, and honest experience for the client.

  • Internal Dynamics - Developing awareness of and freedom from disempowering beliefs, and undoing biases in the realm of cognition and perception

  • Social Environment - Building and maintaining supportive relationships with family, friends, and partners

  • Early Conditioning - Identifying and addressing early emotional injuries

  • Physiology - Developing healthy behaviors in the areas of diet, exercise, and sleep that support a healthy psychology 

  • Psychoeducation - In addition to providing therapeutic benefit, I also want our clients to understand the how and why of the process so that they can become more skillful with future challenges


I have supported hundreds of clients in a variety of contexts. I would love to help you as well.  I am eager to hear from you, to learn your story, and to support you in your journey.